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Camera systems
Design and installation service for IP camera systems. Specialty in systems for use in remote and in unusual roles

Remote power solutions
Remote power solutions for remote camera and communication installations and for small scale accommodation.

Voice and long range wireless data links. Data links in excess of 20km are possible

Our projects
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Remote power systems

Alternative power, or "off the grid" electricity involves the production of 230v electricity from a combination of sources such as, diesel generation, solar, wind with battery storage.

Our systems are orientated towards remote holiday homes, remote high sites and industrial projects with no or limited access to mains electricity.

Creating such systems is expensive and currently within New Zealand, is not a cheap alternative to electricity provided by 'the main grid'.

Don't get caught out by thinking alternative, or remote, power is cheap to install and cheap to run. It's not. It's only cheaper than many alternatives faced by remote power users.

A recent design for 5KW battery inverter system with 1 KW solar and 18KW peak load/charging diesel generation.
Option provided for additional 1-2KW AC-coupled solar

An installation design for a AC coupled system

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